Glass & Gold Return on Investment (ROI) Conversion Matrix

Curious to learn how a 1% change in the conversions of Stealth Applications to deposited students affect the one year and four year net revenue for your university?

The G&G ROI Conversion Matrix calculates the dollar amount of the increased yield within all areas of conversion.

This is an important tool in helping to construct communications, marketing and yield strategy.

Descriptive video may be viewed here: G&G ROI Matrix.

Meditative Moment Animated Films

In conjunction with my creative partner Bill Pack, we have developed a series of devotional films intended for Christian colleges.

These films help add a deeper layer to institutional branding. The films are a natural compliment to any Christian institutions’ outreach.

Originally created to assist in alumni development, we have discovered traditional 17 and 18 year old prospective students are drawn to the films.

Interactive Campus Tours

If you’ve attended my presentation on “Marketing Under the Radar” you’ve heard me speak of the need for an improved campus visit experience. I’ve also been describing the “soon to come” advantages of enhanced tours via the iPhone, iTouch or iPad.

Looks as though the future has arrived. My friends at have created an application to enhance the campus tour. The app can be downloaded free to your prospective students’ iPhone.

Specifically, the application allows you to:
• provide geo-located (GPS) tours your campus, classrooms and city
• interview department heads, professors and students in high-def video
• showcase campus life- athletics, residence hall life, extra-curricular activities
• “push” information to app users without having to update through iTunes

A demo can be viewed at iPhoneapp.

Need help developing content for this impressive application? The creative team at Glass and Gold, Inc. can help. It’s one of the ways we focus our collaborative marketing solutions to work for our clients.

If you’d like to learn more about the absurdly low price for this innovative tool, please contact me or Andrew Hollowell at Oh, and be sure to tell them Rob sent you!

Athletic Logo Creation

If your athletic department is considering a logo redesign or in need of a completely new logo, Jim Ward may be the solution. Jim has designed dozens of athletic logos. Costs for his services are incredibly reasonable. One of his most recognized athletic logos is that of a perennial Big XII contender – at a cost of below $15,000.

See sample here athletic logos.

Feel free to contact Jim directly or through Glass & Gold, Inc. And, of course, be sure to tell Jim that Rob sent you!

Campus Map Illustrations & Interactive Programming

If you have the need for campus map illustration and programming we can help.

Study Abroad Medical Evacuation Membership

MedjetAssist is a medical evacuation membership program that arranges medical transfer to the hospital of the member’s choice. If a Medjet member becomes hospitalized more than 150 miles from home and meets transport criteria, Medjet will arrange medical transfer to the hospital of their choice at no additional cost. All the member pays is their membership fee. Perfect companion for Study Abroad or Mission Trips.

Find which Medjet membership is best for you and enroll here

Testimonial video can be found here.