Rob Glass, principal of Glass & Gold, is a thought leader in higher education marketing. He understand admissions marketing, fundraising, and constituent relations and is very knowledgeable in the best practices of brand identity and marketing communications as they relate to colleges and universities.

Services include conversion funnel ROI analysis, branding and messaging, communications flow strategy, copy writing and design, photography and photo art direction, print & web production management, senior administrative advising and consulting, staff evaluation and training, qualitative & quantitative research development, student orientation review and recommendations, student life experience enhancement.

With more than 30 years experience and over 75 clients within the higher education community, the Glass & Gold team understands that long-term success is achieved through innovative solutions and a collaborative partnership.


Marketing Communication ROI Analysis; Creative Concept Development; Branding & Market Segmentation; E-mail Marketing; Photographic Art Direction; Qualitative & Quantitative Research Development; Communication Auditing

“A consultant like Rob is tough to find. His expertise is comprehensive and comes from many years of work on branding and creative projects for a wide variety of clients. He has a knack for anticipating and understanding how our audience is changing and helping us incorporate new tools and trends into our marketing strategy.” Matthew Vollrath – Lipscomb University